My Rhythmic Life Lessons:

 You cannot make everyone happy,         So dont try to be a puppy!      Trust the vibes,          And learn to Love,Laugh & Live!       Social media is a great distraction,           So be careful & take measurable precaution!        Eat healthy & Proteineous diet,            And visit beautiful sites!         True colour of anyone can be proved only by time,             Never forget… Continue reading My Rhythmic Life Lessons:

My Favourite Lines!!

You are not Mutton Biryani(Meat Rice), you cannot make everyone happy!! If you think you can,you can.If you think you can’t, you are right!! Let go of the things which are not under your control!! Be there for a person in his/her gloomy period. It is  love and understanding  which helps you solve all the… Continue reading My Favourite Lines!!


Do you love plants? Do you feel serene by the green lush leaves that surrounds you in your own house? Do you have that calming and soothing effect by the greenery around you? As we all know plants give us oxygen and purify the air. So, we should always try to spend some time near… Continue reading INDOOR PLANTS

My Musings!!

1.Learn to SAY NO to people but in a very polite way. 2.SELF RESPECT is everything. 3.Do whatever that makes you HAPPY. 4. Give priority to MENTAL HEALTH. 5.SAVE/EARN before SPENDING. 6.FORGIVE & FORGET the unimportant things. 7. A big NO to COMPARISON & EXPECTATION. 8.HELP people. 9.GRATITUDE to GOD. 10.TRAVEL. It will broaden your… Continue reading My Musings!!

Over Thinking

It simply means more Thinking. There is a thin line difference between Thinking and Over Thinking.Over-thinking leaves you exhausted and drained. It steals your peace of mind. It’s a such a mental thief that keeps you away  from having  a happy and a healthy life. It can literally cause you to get stuck in one place and… Continue reading Over Thinking

5 Things to Start Now!!

GRATITUDE : It changes the perspective towards life.It fills the environment/surrounding with positivity. One feels grateful and hopeful towards any situation. READ A BOOK: It not only increases/enhances your vocabulary but also gives immense knowledge or in other words you get to know about something and it is infact far far better than browsing in… Continue reading 5 Things to Start Now!!

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Forms of Exercises: Exercises has been categorized into four forms : They are

Aerobic exercise Strength training Stretching/Flexibility Balance exercises Endurance : Endurance activities, often called  as aerobic exercises, increase your breathing and heart rates that helps in  keeping  you healthy and improve your body. The Physical activities that help in maintaining  endurance include: Playing tennis/basketball/badminton Brisk walking or jogging or running Dancing or Yoga Swimming Biking/cycling Climbing… Continue reading Forms of Exercises: Exercises has been categorized into four forms : They are

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