Train your mind

The human mind is the most powerful thing in the entire universe. I believe that if mind is happy and healthy, anything can be possible and everyone can be at peace with whatever the situation it is. One can rewire their mind to become stronger, healthier, and fitter through time, practice, and consistency. 

Points to note:

1.No one can make you happy,if you are not happy internally.

2.No has the power to upset you except yourself!!

Some of the tried and tested techniques to keep the mind in peace are:

1. Meditation 

Meditation is one of the best ways to train your mind to see all the positive things in life. It not only strengthens your ability to witness your thoughts and shifts the mental habits but also helps you to focus, gain clarity, and come to a conclusion. 5 or 10 minutes of meditation a day is really helpful and it can then be slowly increased to 30 minutes a day.

2. Connect with the present moment

Remembering the past memories or getting anxious about the future will yield no results rather than increasing your restlessness. It will make you distracted, unhelpful and exhausting. The trick is to train yourself to be in the present moment.

3. Rest your mind

Rest not only increases focus and creativity but also refreshes energy and productivity. Engaging in an activity that creates a positive environment for you,is defined as resting your own mind. That could be from reading, listening to music, gardening, learning a new hobby etc whichever works for you.

 4. Minimize digital distractions

This is one of the sure shot ways of making your mind at peace. Trying a digital clean-up, like minimizing notifications on your phone for several apps, or scheduling regular periods of technology-free time should give you more time and space to focus on the people and projects that matter the most.

5.Prioritize sleep

Sleep allows the brain to repair and recover. It also improves memory, mood  and problem-solving skills. Try heading to bed an hour earlier than usual to have an quality sleep in order to have better lifestyle.

6.Practice letting go

Trying to control the things which is beyond our reach  is one sure shot way  to allow  anxiety and exhaustion come to us.Accept what you can’t control, and let your best efforts be enough for the present moment. I agree,letting go isn’t easy, it takes practice,patience, kindness to yourself to the part of you which you think is difficult.

7. Trust your intuition

Training the mind involves tuning into and trusting your own instincts. It’s about believing  to that gut feeling and acting in alignment with your inner knowing. This isn’t always easy, but it’s a powerful way to build your self esteem & self confidence.

 8.Flex your mental muscles regularly

Focus, concentration, meditation, clarity are regarded as the muscles of the mind. Improving our mental muscles requires time, practice, and consistency.



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