In today’s world, Swarovski as an accessory  has become everyone’s favourite and thanks to its different varieties and affordable pricing,it has become a common name in every household. In the world of Fashion Industry, Swarovski is  being branded as one of the most popular, likeable, luxurious, precious and high-quality  jewelleries all over  the world. Some… Continue reading SWAROVSKI :

A Shoe for Life

It is a fashion accessory which is mainly intended for protection and  providing comfort to the human foot while the wearer is involved in  various activities and for different occasions like walking(in beach,road),running,attending a party,office wear etc. Different essential types of shoes one should keep in order to ace in any situation.I myself being a… Continue reading A Shoe for Life

Grey Hairs??

Wait, what grey hairs? No reason to panic,its absolutely normal.Zero reason to worry as it is a part of life.So without getting worried,we should know the real reason what causes it and its remedies of how to prevent it. When you experience grey hairs – Most of us when we are in our 30s should… Continue reading Grey Hairs??

The most loved and affordable WATCHES !!

Some like   fancy cars, some beautiful houses, some are fascinated about diamonds & gold, some are drawn towards electronic gadgets and there is absolutely nothing wrong in it, but I am more attracted towards watches . Some of my favourite watches are: TITAN: one of India‚Äôs leading brand, known for its exquisite collections, Quartz technology,… Continue reading The most loved and affordable WATCHES !!


Face is the reflection of our body.It not only represents us who we are but also builds the confidence within us to face the world and sadly is the that  exterior  part of our body  which is  most often exposed with dirt and pollution.I Strongly believe in order to keep it healthy we need to… Continue reading SKIN CARE