The most loved and affordable WATCHES !!

Some like   fancy cars, some beautiful houses, some are fascinated about diamonds & gold, some are drawn towards electronic gadgets and there is absolutely nothing wrong in it, but I am more attracted towards watches .

Some of my favourite watches are:

  • TITAN: one of India’s leading brand, known for its exquisite collections, Quartz technology, international styling and constant improvement of the designs. Few most lovable watches are TITAN RAGA(for the beautiful ladies) & TITAN EDGE(the slimmest watch).
  •  FOSSIL : 3 words for it -Best quality, attractive designs and yes affordable.
  • DANIEL WELLINGTON: A Swedish brand who opts for minimalist design, colorful straps and targets younger generations.
  • GIORDANO : Its seriously an icing on the cake for every fashionistas or who has love for fashion. Known for its classic, stylish and suave designs.
  • MICHAEL KOR: An American brand, has been loved since ages.
  • DKNY: Donna Karan New York highly specialized in their unique designs and comes with stainless steel, ceramic and leather etc.
  • GUESS : An American brand, giving us the ultimate timepieces for fashion.
  • TIMEX: one of the best watch ever with good quality, for everyday wear.
  • CITIZEN : A Japanese brand,known best for its reliability and long last durability.
  • TOMMY HILFIGER : An American brand noted for its high quality and style quotient.

Well, ROLEX, RADO, LONGINES, TAG HEUR,SEIKO, EMPORIO ARMANI, TISSOT & the other most expensive watches falls under a different category 😀 and I wish to have them one day!!



Ta-Da!! My Collections 🙂



  1. In the same boat!!! I love watches. Wall clocks. Everything to do with time. A brand I was really fond of, was very reasonable and had a pretty good collection back in the days was Fasttrack. I am not sure how they are faring now.


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