Skin Care Secrets:

  • Applying Aloe vera gel on clean face at night time helps to treat uneven skin tone, clear acne, dark spots and makes skin glow.
  • Sandalwood Powder + Rose Water – Treatment for Open Pores.
  • If you want no black and white heads, apply honey & sugar together, they act as great exfoliator. Scrub it for 10 minutes and see the outcome.
  • Scrubbing a little Rice Flour with Milk helps in get rid of Black & White heads.
  •  Want your skin free from wrinkles/fine lines/uneven skin tone – massage 2tbs of curd + 2 drops of lemon juice+1 tbs of rose water for 5 minutes.
  • Faster hair growth how – take some aloe vera gel + castor oil. Mix it and keep this on your hair for some time and rinse it off.
  • Silky & Stronger hair – Massage Coconut Oil with aloe vera gel for 10 minutes before shampooing your hair.
  • Aloe Vera Gel & Turmeric Powder a great remedy for dark circles.
  • Applying and Massaging Papaya paste on your face helps in glowing skin, clear acne and reduce unwanted facial hair.
  • Mix 2 tablespoon of aloe vera gel+ a little pinch of coffee powder+ a small amount of turmeric powder + 2 -3 drops of tea tree oil– this is one of the most effective   cream for acne, open pores & dark circles.
  • Want a fair underarm, knees and elbows – Mix a pinch of baking soda + aloe vera gel + lemon juice and make it paste. Apply it on the affected area and wash it with lukewarm water. You will see the difference.

In short Aloe Vera Gel acts as a Miracle Medicine!!

Skin Care

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