Famous Indian Sarees and their point of Origin!!

Every outfit is good and unique in its own way, but nothing can really stand and compete  with the elegance of a 6 yard!! Must say,it  is an epitome of grace and charm for Indian women and they look absolutely pretty  on which ever occasion it is or in whatever style they drape it.There are certain must to have  sarees in a  girl’s wardrobe.

Uttar Pradesh

Banarasi- As the name suggests,Banarasi sarees are one of the most famous and finest hand woven  heavy highly decorated with intricate or detailed designs sarees in Varanasi, UP, which comprises a fusion of many colours of components like gold and silver brocade or Zari or fine silk and  embroidery.

Fusion of Red & Black Banarasi Saree!

Lucknow-Chikankari Saree-The word Chikan exudes  embroidery and chinkari defines grace and elegance in every sense.

Yellow light weight embroidery Chikankari Saree


Phulkari as the name  itself suggests  work made on flowers. The designs  of this saree comprises two components one is they are generally  bright-coloured flowers and  secondly most of the patterns are  geometrically designed.You can easily have a  beautiful Phulkari saree to yourself  with a reasonable price.

As the name suggests,Phulkari means flower work

Tamil Nadu

Kanjeevaram  Sarees- popularly known as   bridal sarees as it has rich  vibrant attractive  colours  to eye catching intricate designed  borders.

The Beautiful Kanjivaram Sarees

Konrad –Popularly known as the temple saree.It has a stunning fabric and consists of  checks or stripes designs ,and the  pallu of the saree has wide borders with gold thread embroidery work.

Checks or Stripes with gold border

Dharmavaram saree –Defined by heavy pallus with exquisite designs,totally made for weddings,the bright colours and the dual shade effect what makes it different from Kanjeevaram sarees.

can you differentiate it from Kanjeevaram Sarees?


Kasavu Saree-Kasavu saree are an epitome of grace,elegance and peace.Known for their  off-white  cotton colour made up of golden border.

Epitome of Simplicity,grace and charm

Kerala Saree-They are somewhat similar to Kasavu saree but  made up of a single piece of cloth. 

Off white sarees


Paithani saree-Considered to be the Shaan of Maharashtra.The borders  have beautifully designed  square blocks interlinked with each other  and the pallu exudes a peacock design.

Pride of Maharashtra,with Peacock Border

Kasta Saree-Kasta Sari also called as Nauvari is the traditional Marathi  saree, also considered as a single nine yard saree that is draped in a similar  way to the dhoti.

Nauvari Saree,with Dhoti Style!


Bandhani Saree-Making complete use of  the Tie-dye technique, the Bandhani sarees are fusion of  different colour! They are lightweight,beautiful,expensive and are perfect for summers. 

Fusion of different colour using the tie dye technique!!

Patola Saree-Patola saree,rich in colour ,highly expensive has a double ikkat weave made up of  silk in Patan, Gujarat. 

Double Ikkat Saree

Ashavali saree – Ashavali sarees are characterised  by the dazzling  look of the border..The beautiful environment  inspired patterns  in coloured silk against the gold enamelled Zari depicts  the charmness of the sarees.

Look at the border,please!

Madhya Pradesh

The Chanderi saree is a  great fusion of simplicity and grace  with its lightweight fabric and pretty borders which consists of designs in geometrical, peacock , and floral art. 

Epitome of Simplicity & Grace!!


The Muga Silk Saree  is made up from silkworms and that is what makes them pretty fascinating.It can be a little expensive .

Made up of Silkworm, isn’t that Interesting??

Eri silk saree –It is  referred as the Non-violent silk as it is the only  silk obtained without killing the silkworm .It is  extremely strong , durable and elastic.It exudes sophistication and royalty in every sense.

Exudes Royalty in every way!!


Leheriya Saree- Made up from  tie-dye technique, and as the name suggests,it is defined  by its waves and stripes and it is light weight..Its somewhat similar like Bandhani saree.

waves & stripes all over!

Kalamkari Saree -.As the name suggests,Kalam means ‘pen’ and kari means design.Popular  for their traditional artwork, which is a delight for eyes.

Great for eyes!!

Gota Saree-Gota Sarees  known for their exclusive embroidery designs.

Exquisite Embroidery!

Kota saree – Also called as Doria saree is produced in Kota, in. Rajasthan.HandWoven cotton sarees which are  transparent as well do possess  the shine texture of silk.

Beautiful Cotton Sarees

West Bengal

Jamdani Saree – Jamdani sarees have motifs or  flowers  all around the body and are made of light cotton fabric.

flowers & motifs!

Baluchari Silk Saree –They  can be defined as traditional as well as  designer sarees in every sense of its high class royal borders , which depicts scenarios from ancient epics and Mythological episodes.They can be bit expensive.

Please have a look at its border!

Tant Saree –Tant saree known for their stiffness and crisp cotton fabric,a traditional bengali saree found in every household,preferable  during summers.

Highly preferable for Summer

Kantha Saree-You can define it as a true  Embroidery Saree.

Truely Embroidery!

Batik saree – Produced from a process in which  a cloth is dyed  by covering certain parts of it coat of wax. The waxed areas  thus keeps the originality of the the cloth that results in the formation of dyed and undyed contrast giving it an attractive  and appealing design.

Wax is involved in making!

Garad saree –  ‘White’ in colour defined by red or maroon border,considered to be very important or holy to Bengali Women.

Very holi for Bengali Women


Sambalpuri Ikat Saree-The Sambalpuri Ikat Saree, handwoven  available in silk and cotton fabrics, has beautiful patterns designed over the body of the saree.Its one of the traditional saree in odisha,in which the threads are initially  dyed and then later woven.

The absolutely gorgeous Sambalpuri Saree

Bomkai Saree –also referred to as the Sonepuri saree, produced by the Bhulia community of Odisha, available in silk and cotton  fabrics having a tribal touch to it.

Sheer Delight to Eyes


Pochampally Saree- Panchampalli sarees also referred as  Pochampalli Ikat sarees  have detailed geometrical designs  that are made with Ikat style of dyeing.

Ikat style

Puttapaka Saree-Known for its extra ordinary  Puttapaka tie and dye style.

No words needed indeed!!

Gadwal Saree-Gadwal Sarees also called as Sico Sarees. These saris are made up of cotton body with silk pallu.

Sico Sarees

Mangalagiri Saree-One of the  best handcrafted saree with exquisite designs.

Gorgeous Mangalgiri Sarees

Uppada saree –Known for its class ,translucent ,radiant and bright colour and the border makes it one of the happening sarees.

Uppada Sarees

Venkatgiri saree – known for its fine weaving handwoven cotton and silk sarees from Andhra Pradesh.

Fine Weaving Venkatgiri Sarees

Narayanpet saree – Highly popular,Known for its unique  and dynamic cotton handloom and silk sarees.

Narayanpet Sarees!


Ilkal Saree-Ilkal Sarees  are produced from the usage of an  embroidery form.

IIkal Sarees

Mysore Silk Saree- one of the popular Sarees in India which are  believed to be  produced from mulberry silk. 

Mysore Silk Saree


Bhagalpuri sarees  also called Tussar silk sarees are  handwoven and are produced by  unique dyeing techniques.

Tussar Silk Sarees

Kosa Saree

 Chhattisgarh’s one of the most popular sarees in India, are believed to be  produced from  the larvae of silkworms.

Kosa Sarees

Some different forms of Sarees which are popular are

Chiffon Saree-Characterised by  light weight,silk sarees which are eye catching for Indian women.

Chiffon Saree

Georgette Saree- Lightweight,opaque,silk sarees are slightly cheaper than chiffon Saree.

Georgette Saree

I am a Saree Enthusiast for sure!! Some of my Saree pics : )

Hope you like my Saree Post.Please share your thoughts on this.

Thank you!!



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