3 Days In Switzerland

The very name conjures up images of picturesque green valleys, majestic mountains and luxury.  I and my husband visited Switzerland in 2018 and it remains one of my favourite travel experiences. We just spent 3 days there but came back with some beautiful memories. ,Euro Rail,green lush fields ,beautiful streets,amazing coffee and croissants in every nook and corner cannot be given amiss.Lucerne  surely reflects the snowy Swiss alps peaks  Mount Pilatus and Mount Titlis, popular day trip destinations to be visited.

Day 1 : The beautiful city of Lucerne

We took a flight from Bangalore to Zurich through Etihad Airlines. On our arrival at Zurich, we took the train from Zurich Flughafen to Lucerne. We chose Lucerne as our base for visiting Titlis. We reached our destination after 40 minutes. 

Our hotel Drei Konige was quite close to the railway station and we opted for a walk to enjoy our first sights of Lucerne. After freshening up, we took a city map from the helpful hotel staff and started our tour. Our first stop was the Kappelbrucke (literally Chapel bridge) which is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe. The bridge is on the river Reuss. We took a walk through it and enjoyed the beautiful paintings that are done on the wood panels. We then took a stroll through the Old Town of  Altstad which is made up of medieval squares and cobblestone alleys and clicked some pictures. We had an early lunch of croissants and sandwiches and returned to our hotel. 

In the evening,we explored the other side of the river to visit the Lion Monument or Lion Of Lucerne. This is one of the most famous rock relief monuments in Lucerne.

Day 2: Exploring Mount Titlis

From Lucerne, we took the Lucerne-Engelberg Express which brought us to Engelberg. The scenery along the route was breathtaking. From there, we took a bus to the 8-seater Titlis Xpress gondola cable car. The cable car took us to the midway station at Stand which then finally ended at the mountain station at 3020 meters.

Travel directly from Lucerne to Engelberg on the “Zentralbahn” railway. The journey from Lucerne takes around 45 minutes. The route from Engelberg train station to the TITLIS valley station takes just ten minutes on foot or you can hop on the free shuttle bus.

The price for Adults is around CHF 104.00 ,which costs around CHF 58.00 if you have the  Swiss Half Fare Card.

Titlis is cheaper and closer to Lucerne , but it is crazily packed  with tourists  all throughout the year lining up to queue  and  board the cable cars.

Day 3 :Exploring Zurich

We reached Zurich from  Lucerne by hopping into the Lucerne station and stayed in Ibis hotel.It is believed as  the largest  banking city and the financial capital of Switzerland. It is  labelled as the most expensive city in the world,mostly known  for  its lavish lifestyles, high class fashion shopping, and mouth melting and exquisite chocolates. We started exploring Lake Zurich and Bahnhofstrasse,where I took many dainty jewelleries from Claire for my everyday wear.

Reasons to Explore to Lucerne & Zurich :

1.Kapelle Bridge

2.Explore the Historic Old Town

3.Lake Lucerne or Vierwaldstattersee

4.The Lion Monument – Löwendenkmal

5.A Trip To Mount Titlis.

6.Fancy Shopping areas.

Looks Delicious right?? Our Brunch on the first day!!
The Famous Lion Monument
I found the most relaxing and soothing place.Agree??
What do you call this??Nature at its best!
The View from the Cable Car!
Colourful right?well,this was the food served to us inside Titlis,but there are various options you can avail according to your needs and money!
I cant get enough of this snow clad mountains
Picturesque Kappel Bridge!!



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