Travelling Tips for a Comfortable and Memorable Trip!!

Mask,Face shield,gloves,and a hand Sanitiser to start with.

Make extra copies of your passport and important documents and email to your Gmail account.

Always Carry a basic first-aid kit for emergency purposes.

 Book flights a month or 2-3 months prior  to avail the best price.

Be open to strangers but be alert at the same time.

Try the local cuisine for an memorable experience.

Avoid cabs to maximum,if possible get on metro,if that’s available there.

Carry  an empty  water bottle always,as it may turn out ot be your saviour !!

Take pictures of your luggage clothes,always advisable to lock it..

Carry  a little emergency cash ,and also an extra credit card along with you.

Get comfortable  shoes,it will make your experience amazing.

Do your body check up before stepping out.

Learn to Negotiate the price of the goods,if you are buying any!

Take extra jeans,some T-shirts,a pair of towels,Socks,flashlight(torch),Sunglasses,extra lock and a jacket,all saying based on my experiences 🙂

 Get travel and Medical  Insurance if possible.

Be Cool,Be patient,Be Respectful,Relax.

Don’t overplan your trip,let it flow in its own way.

Be Smart enough not to waste  money on petty things and focus on memorable adventurous experiences.

Take headphones and earplugs if you are a music lover and also it will allow you to stay away from the outside noise.

 Always always carry an extra USB charger.

Take lots of selfies,and  photos of yourself,your likings and with local people if you like.

Sign up for flight deals & Hotels – In travel the major expense is from Hotels and Flights.So you can either check out flight tickets from Skyscanner & Momondo and and hotel deals from & MakemyTrip.

Take Sunscreen.

Follow Tripadvisor,it can really help you decide options.

If you dont want to pay more and avoid worst food,Never ever eat near a tourist attraction or crowdy places.

Never get queued up  behind families,if you want to board the flight quickly.

Do your homework  and google about the place you are visiting,so that you will get to know that place better.

Learn some  basic phrases in the native language of your destination,so as to make the communication easier and you are saved from robbing:P

Take necessary stuff with you,while planning for travelling,so that if anything gets lost,you will not be upset.

Don’t panic if you are  lost in a new place,You never know you can find the most amazing things hidden there.

Use a Google  map and download in your phone.

My Definition Of Travel!!



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