Change Your Behavior, Change your life!!

Thoughts have a a great impact on life. Make sure you inculcate positive thoughts and make your life peaceful. Have faith in the Almighty, do your Karma and leave the rest onto the higher consciousness.Take care of your mental and physical health

1.Negative Self talk – A big no to this highly damaging thing which is inside us. It can not only cripple us but makes our life unworthy, devoid of happiness .Only we can change this behavior by doing meditation, exercise ,believing in the higher Consciousness .Making constant efforts to motivate us.

2.Procastination – Never ever procrastinate.

3.Limiting Beliefs– Its time to let of the limiting beliefs or superstitions that is holding you back.

4.Fear -It is a thought and it can be changed. Don’t let it ruin you or give any importance. Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.

5.People Pleasing -Again No to this habit. Because you cannot make everyone happy.

6.Comparison– Do not compare and expect instead focus on your own growth and be happy on your own unique journey.

7.Perfectionism – Perfectionism does not exist at all. Come out of that myth and accept imperfectism.

8.Dwelling on the past – dwelling on the past will only bring unhappiness so why to get involved in the past or in the future, rather we should focus on the present.

9.Negative Relationship – Always surround yourself with people who wants good of you, brings positivity and strength in you.

10.Mindless Consumption – Let go of the social media for some time or rather focus on that part of social media which are informative and any other things like web series or window shopping or online shopping that are doing no good to you. Atleast replace that with learning new language or a hobby or read a book which can be beneficial to you in the long run.

11.Lack of Self care– make priority to take care of your mental and physical health.



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