A Healthy Balanced Diet

A healthy balanced diet, a phrase everyone is aware of.But do you know, a healthy and balanced diet does not only consists of healthy foods,it is beyond that.

There are certain essential factors needed for a healthy balanced diet or we can say a healthy life.They are

1.The Content you consume – make sure the content which you are dealing must have positive impact on your body.

2.The People you follow – it affects a lot on the mindset depending on the people you follow whether in social media apps or as rolemodel.

3.The Book you read – determines what kind of personality you are.

4.The Food you eat – directly or indirectly it affects the mood of a person. Make sure you avoid junk and oily foods and focus on healthy diets like intake of leafy vegetables,proteins,8-10 glass of water,dairy products like milk and curd.

5.The Surrounding you are in – most important ,if you are in good environment ,there would be less toxicity and drama .

6.The Music you listen – Music has always been a soothing factor as it releases stress and anxiety.The kind of music one listens also determines ones current state of mind.

7.The Habits you nurture – Habits or believes or daily activities,one can say plays a great role in shaping our future.Make sure,its an good one.

8.The Conversations you engage on – It should be on a positive note, should try to avoid diplomatic or selfish or aggressive or manipulative or temperamental folks for one’s own peace of mind.

Always remember,a Healthy Diet = a Healthy Life.



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