Tips to avoid things in Bedroom

Who doesn’t love a peaceful and  a stress free  nest. A bedroom is a place where one can rest and plan how  to achieve his dreams or make its life better in the future.

So there are few certain things that one should avoid,it’s sure to bring positivity in life.

They are :

  • Do not place the bed too close to the walls- so that it  creates some  breathing room, and reduces the chances of the bed running into the wall.
  • Don’t place negative pictures in the bedroom .
  • Never keep your shoes next to your bed or under your bed as it brings negative effect on health.
  • Avoid placing the mirror opposite your bed.
  • Do not place  pictures of Gods or Goddesses in the bedroom.
  • Avoid Red or Maroon or dark colours in your bedroom to avoid stress or anxiety.
  • Avoid Old Mattress – as it may cause back pain problems or aggravate existing back problems after a certain time period.
  • Do not keep dirty laundry stuffed in your shelves in the bedroom.
  •  Avoid pets in the bedroom .
  • Make it clutterfree.Keep things to minimum.

Hope you all like it!!



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