Are you a tea lover? Do you know Tea has been classified into various forms like Green Tea,Lemon Tea,Black Tea,Masala Tea(various spices mixed) and regular Milk Tea.Todays let’s discuss the importance of Lemon Tea.

Lemon Tea in other words, we can say as a low-calorie way to inculcate a variety of vitamins to your diet chart.Research says, consuming a regular dose of lemon tea helps reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lowering blood pressure. It is also assumed that hot lemon water may aid in  relaxation before bed, which could help with a good night sleep.Lemon Tea acts as an antioxidant. Isn’t it amazing??

So,the procedure to prepare simple Lemon Tea are as follows:

First heat water in a pan.Once the water comes to a boil, simmer or slow down  the flame of the heat.Then,add tea leaves and let them rise for a minute(increase the flame).Then,turn off the flame and strain the tea in serving cups or glass whichever you prefer.The most important and final step is add lemon juice(with no seed) and  a good amount of honey and stir well.Our hot lemon tea is ready to be served.

Lemon Tea
Slices of lemon dipped inside the lemon tea




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