Tired Of Boring White Walls??

Is white walls making your mood sour? or does not give you a good vibe,lets make it exciting by turning into colorful ones by these DIY activities.Very easy and simple.

All you need is a Slate, a String and a 3M hook and you are good to go!!

The following below are the things which I did from the stuffs which I don’t use or were there in my house without any much use.

1.Motivational Quote – you can either write your own quote which will boost you or jot down some famous quotes which will give you positive vibes.

Self Motivation is the best thing in this world and I am sure,you all will agree!

2. Heavy Earrings – These heavy earrings were in my closet for a long time and instead of throwing it,i thought of putting it to good use.

Beautiful Earrings made into a good use,now I can admire its beauty even more!

3.Colorful Buttons – yes,you are right!Buttons are of multi use.I made the initials letters of Us.

I loved doing it!

4. Acrylic Paint – I just wrote it from the acrylic sachet itself some positive quote without even touching any brush and I must tell you it came out so good.

What say?? Don’t you think its beautiful?

5. Mandala Drawing -nothing fancy,just made a simple Mandala Drawing.

Simple Mandala Drawing

I ordered online some beautiful stuffs which really makes my wall colorful.

Do check it out.

Gold Colored Leaves designed in a perfect way.

Mini Attachable Colorful Umbrellas.
Motivational Quotes!!

How cool is this Bohemian Tapestry Cotton Rope ?

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