So thinking,what to have in the morning??There’s a saying ” Eat Breakfast like a King,Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper”.I strongly agree,a good day starts with a good breakfast.So,here’s sharing some easy breakfasts which you can you make in 30 mins or less than that.Do try it!! These following below are my tested recipes which i found can be done without much hassle.

1.Masala Upma/Upma – Semolina roasted with veggies.Healthy and tasty.

Masala Upma
Masala Upma – Veggies = Upma

2.Idly – A popular South Indian Cuisine.Mixture of grinded ural dal and idly rice batter.

Idli with Onion Chutney

3. Dosa – Sibling Of Idly.Usually served with chutney like coconut,onion,coriander.

Dosa With Coconut Chutney

4. Uttapam – Cousin Of Idli/Dosa.Or can say Dosa stuffed with Veggies.


5 .Bread Egg Omelette – The name says it all, egg prepared with onions&tomatoes sandwiched in roasted bread.

Bread Omlette

6.Oats /Cornflakes – the most nutritious breakfast one can have.It comes with flavors. Add some hot milk to oats/cornflakes and you are good to go!

7.Maggie with Veggies – Maggie is by default everyones favourite irrespective of age and its value increases 10 fold if you mix little veggies.

Vegetable Maggie

8.Pancake – Flour+egg+milk+sugar+baking powder +oil = Pancake

9. Aloo Paratha Aloo de paratha and Curd and a little mango pickle,and you don’t literally need anything.

10.Tea with Biscuits – if you are in real hurry,you can always have the most easy option,but don’t step out empty stomach.


11.Bread with Jam/Butter– Another simple yet tasty breakfast.Bread with jam/butter scattered all over and tossed in grill pan.

12.. Puri Sabzi – Round round fluffy stuff made up of flour and from frying in the oil.Can be eaten with potato curry or with any veggie curry.

Please dont judge my shape of Puri’s 😀

13. Poha– Its also a West Indian cuisine,can be eaten as breakfast or snacks,prepared from flattened rice and with additional things like potato,almonds,cashews,onions and with Coriander chutney.


14.Sprouts : It is also considered as a healthy and nutritious breakfast,goes with a little sprinkle of lemon juice and salt and one is good to have it.



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