Stepping out Necessities:

The following below are the real mandate things,when you are stepping out either for shopping or work or walk or restaurant or park or travelling in bus/train/car or anywhere : They are :

Comfortable Shoes & Dress : Trust me,this is the most essential thing,if either of this goes wrong,your full day and mood will go sour.So choose and wear accordingly.

Mini Umbrella : A small umbrella tucked in your bag or purse will be of great help if you suddenly face. any climatic change.

Handkerchief : some find its a good manner to have your handkerchief without asking anyone to wipe out your sweat or your wet hands,some find its very comforting to have.

Lip balm: chapped lips are no better anyday. So,its always essential to keep your your lips moist,it boosts confidence for sure.

Hand-sanitizer : They are a must during these testing times,so always keep it glued to your bag.

Debit/Credit Card + Some Cash – These really gives you the freedom to have the things in your own way without depending on anyone.

A handy water bottle – It keeps you hydrated,kicks out pimples.

Some Cardamom/Mouth Freshener– it will definitely change your mood for better if you are having a lousy day.

A Small Diary/Book – to jot down your own feelings or express your emotions or read a novel that you like is the most satisfying thing one can have.

Earphones& Mobile charged – Mobile charged fully gives you the utmost confidence to carry out any work. You can literally do anything except flying an aeroplane but you can definitely book a ticket in an aeroplane 😀 😀 If you are a music lover you can definitely turn on your favorite playlists.

Going Out?? Follow the Rules,Stay Safe,Stay Happy!!

*Stay away from Social Media & dont ruin your day!!

*Don’t ever dare or try to step out without Mask!!

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