Soyabean Chunks

Soyabean chunks,one can define as  soy nuggets prepared from defatted Soya flour by the process of extrusion cooking. They are raw,tasteless and odourless.Firm in nature and  brown in color with a rough texture.  Health benefits Soyabean chunks have a high protein content. They are a good source of vitamin B and K, folate and riboflavi… Continue reading Soyabean Chunks

My Rhythmic Life Lessons:

 You cannot make everyone happy,         So dont try to be a puppy!      Trust the vibes,          And learn to Love,Laugh & Live!       Social media is a great distraction,           So be careful & take measurable precaution!        Eat healthy & Proteineous diet,            And visit beautiful sites!         True colour of anyone can be proved only by time,             Never forget… Continue reading My Rhythmic Life Lessons: