Some realities and facts which one should do to protect its own peace of mind.

  • Avoid Toxic People – people who manipulate you or who play victim card. They just drain your energy.You just feel something is not right about them.
  • Avoid  people who make you feel unsafe – they just have this dominating personality.
  • Maintain distance Who disregard your emotional well being and feelings – blames and plays with you for everything. 
  • Situations which make you feel unwanted – where you are not valued, where your opinions doesn’t matter.
  • Negative self talk– this is one of the most destructive thing one can do about its mental health.
  • Comparing yourself with others – this is also one of the major factors of not having a peace of mind.
  • Bad partners – if you are constantly loosing your inner peace due to partners behaviour and approach towards you,its high time not to take it lightly.
  • Resiting growth and healing – if you think you are stuck and  there’s no scope for growth and healing,it is sure a sign of warning.
  • Needless waiting – if something is not happenin g according to your way,one should also opt for different other options.
  • Letting other people determine your worth – do not give anything or anyone control or power for you.
  • Shrinking yourself to fit in – never be a people pleaser.Always keep your point.Because no matter what you cannot make everyone happy and by shrinking yourself to fit in always means to suppress your emotions and feelings for other people.,Not saying it is completely wrong,one should to do for its closed ones for a limited period.because the right people will always love you no matter what.



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