Easy Bread Sandwich

Ever wondered why it is being called as Breakfast? It is because one needs to eat something in the morning after the break from the night. Breakfast is a must otherwise it has its own consequences which are not pleasant for our body. And it must be healthy. And if it can be made in a jiffy then what to say and no, no I am not saying about Maggi!!

So presenting it to you,the healthy bread sandwich which can be made very easily.

Procedure :

  • Take two brown sandwich.
  • Apply mayonise in one and coriander & mint chutney in another.
  • Place sliced tomato, cucumber, onion, boiled potato, add pinch of salt and chat masala for tanginess and slice of  cheese above it .You can also add omelet on it if you wish.
  • Put the the other half of the brown bread above it and make it like a tower.
  • Put the combo in a frying pan with less ghee or oil or in a griller and then you can chow down!

Isn’t it simple??Do try it and let me know your opinions!!Till then healthy eating.


Easy Bread Sandwich
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