Over Thinking

It simply means more Thinking. There is a thin line difference between Thinking and Over Thinking.Over-thinking leaves you exhausted and drained. It steals your peace of mind. It’s a such a mental thief that keeps you away  from having  a happy and a healthy life. It can literally cause you to get stuck in one place and run out of ideas or new solutions if existed for a prolonged time. It is  detrimental to health both mentally and physically .It is all about reminiscing  up the past and/or worrying for the future.

Causes:The things that cause overthinking are stress and anxiety,

Effects:It can lead to frustrationanxietyfear and depression.


Please take steps to improve it and not to neglect it or phrase it as madness. It’s a mental illness that has remedies and solutions.The best cure for over-thinking is to simply be present in the current situation.

How can you come out of this Over Thinking Habit?

Let’s kick this devil from our life by following these simple stratagies:

1.Chant All is Well/All is OK:

The next time your mind begins to revisit the things which causes you pain or steals your happiness, just silently say yourself: “All is well, all is Ok “ Change the mood to something which gives you peace.

2.Engage Your Self in your  Favorite Thing:

 Over-thinking can never offer solutions. So, do something that you really like and enjoy!

  • Read a book
  • Hiking is a good way to collect all good thoughts.
  • Do Cycling
  • Do Painting
  • Do Gardening
  • Singing is a good therapy
  • Do Exercise

3.Be Mindful/Alert:

Whatever you are working or going to work, give  your full attention or focus or 100% dedication on that activity. It will prevent your mind from thinking negative thoughts.

4.Train your mind for positive thoughts:

Recollect a happy memory or do something that your mind and mood will change for good.

5. Breathe & Meditate:

Take deeper breaths and count it from 1 to 10.Focus on your inhales and exhales. Relax your body.

6.Go for A Walk:
The best mood changer is going for a walk, getting fresh air,listening your favorite songs while walking and I am sure one will definitely come up with a solution incase if its facing some problem.

7.Journal/A Diary/Be Expressive:

Sometimes our troubles just need to be heard by someone who really understands you.So simply say to anyone or be Expressive close to you or simply jot it down.The Solution will automatically and magically  appear  before you.

It steals our peace of mind.Please consult doctors and never neglect it.

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