Some handy tools for your home!!

These are the things which I found extremely essential .They are not only useful but handy too and come in reasonable prices.I found them extremely helpful being  in a new foreign country.

FIRST AID BOX I learnt this the hard way, but a properly stocked first aid box is a key necessity. From band-aids to ointments, a first aid box will help you take care of minor wounds, cuts and burns immediately

A SCREWDRIVER TOOL BOX – A tool box helps to take care of small repairs and fixes at home without having to pay for a handyman.

A MINI SEWING MACHINE – I have found a sewing machine to be very useful for small alterations, fixing buttons and stitches. A mini version is quite portable and can be taken along easily based on your requirements

LADDER – Reaching the top corner of the roof, bringing that suitcase on the top shelf – No problem. A foldable ladder helps you reach these places which are quite inaccessible.

KETTLE – It can help you to warm water,can boil eggs,can prepare maggi and beverages like tea and coffee.

LAPTOP TABLE – For people like me who love working on their bed, a small laptop table is a great asset. It helps you to maintain a good posture while working without having to work on a desk and table. 

FAIRY LIGHTS(Some Candles) – A great mood elevator, a few candles and some essential oils can go a great way in turning a mundane day into a special occasion. 

2-3  SMALL SUITCASES – Your getaway friends which allow you to quickly pack your things and vanish for 2-3 days.

A GRIND JUICER – Suitable for your blending and grinding requirements, a grinder mixer helps you to mash up fruits,vegetables ,spices among other products.

A YOGA MAT – can be used as exercising or a replacement or a substitute for sitting in case you don’t have any sofas or chairs.

A small  speaker – If you are a music lover, a small speaker helps you to go everywhere with your music. You can listen to songs while exercising, cooking, washing utensils and several other chores.

Handy and Effective Tools for your Home



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