What Should be in a Girl’s HandBag??

A girls handbag is her best companion.Check out some of the amazing things which every   girl should keep in her handbag.

  • SunScreen Lotion – protects from UV rays.
  • Sunglasses – great for eyes as well as amazing pics.
  • Money purse.
  • Band-Aid.
  • Hand Sanitiser – to protect and secure our hands from viruses if any.
  • Extra Masks – to shield face from dust and also for protection purposes.
  • Phone Charger – always a good idea to have a phone charger so that your phone will never betray you during any emergency.
  • Chewing gum/Mint Chocolates – Keep your breath minty fresh
  • A Scented Perfume bottle- keep body odour at bay and instantly refresh you.
  • A Red or any skin colour Lipstick – You can use any colour according to your skin tone( I prefer light pink or lip colour)
  • Mascara/Kajal – it enhances your eyes and makes it big,so that you exchange good pleasantries with  anyone.
  • Foundation Powder
  • Moisturizer – to keep your skin supple and prevent drying
  • Book Or Kindle – Best friend to keep you engaged 
  • Pen and a small notepad- so that you don’t miss out on your next world changing idea
  • A White Hanky- a loyal friend who can give you company if you are having cold or  bad day.
  • Identity Card 
  • A  Small Umbrella – so that you are never stuck in bad weather
  • A Pair of Extra Earrings – great for taking pics and again a mood elevator if you are an earring enthusiast.
  • Hair Brush




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