5 Things to Start Now!!

GRATITUDE : It changes the perspective towards life.It fills the environment/surrounding with positivity. One feels grateful and hopeful towards any situation.

READ A BOOK: It not only increases/enhances your vocabulary but also gives immense knowledge or in other words you get to know about something and it is infact far far better than browsing in cell phones.

WALKING : Daily walking about 30 mins to 1 hour a day not only refreshes your mind but also brisk walking is a good form of exercise keeping your mind alert,heart and lungs healthy and muscles flexible.

MEDITATION : Meditating for half an hour a day brings a great positive reform in Mind.The best time to do it is in early morning.It infact open the door of our so called troubled problems.It soothes and calms the mind.

LEARN A NEW SKILL : Make sure to learn a new skill,you will definitely feel good about yourself specially during these testing times where travelling and doing normal regular things is a big No.

Start Now!!



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